Warrior Short Sleeved T-shirt with Gold & Black 8" print on Black

Warrior - Freagarthach the Answerer is the Sword made for the Celtic God Lugh.
Forged with the strength of the sun, the sharp sword cuts through the tangled energies of psychic disturbances, held with clear intentions, of the honorable warrior who wields it. This sword is  based to some degree on a Celtic Bronze Age sword.

MADE IN USA Printed with Sharp Clear Detail - carefully cured to ensure they Wash Well

T-shirts available in Small,Medium, Large, X-Large & XX-Large

Seasonal and Occasion: 

  • Christmas
  • Yule
  • Birthday
  • For Him
  • Father's Day

Celtic Symbols & Celebrations: 

  • Celtic Knots
  • Friendship
  • Scottish
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