A variety of animals figure prominently in Celtic lore. The horse was/is of consequence in war time, transportation, and inspiration. It was particularly important in war. The horse was essential component of Celtic battle strategy. In fact, the Celts creative use of horses/chariots in battle was admired by many enemies like the Romans who adopted the strategies. More than that Romans and others employed Celtic mercenaries to take advantage of their courage and ability to employ the horse in strategic ways.Further, Epona, the earth goddess, often was depicted riding a horse. Thus the horse came to be associated with her and her powers.

Horses figured prominently in Celtic art. In the graphic above, the three horses represent (most likely) the eternal cycle.

Horses are featured in various ways in Celtic products. They appear on ear rings, necklaces, cast work, etc. None of these products are included in the online Wandering Angus catelog. However, we do carry these in our brick and mortar store. If you contact us, we'll let you know which ones we have and will send you pictures of them if you so desire.