The Grogoch (also called Pecht by some) is found in Northern Ireland. This half human/half fairy is thought to have come from Scotland. In general, Grogoch are helpful fellows. They will help a person do chores.

Like other fairies they can only be seen by humans if they allow it. Those who have seen Grogoch report them to be small, hairy and unkempt. They are very hard working and, in some cases, try to be so helpful that they get in the way. If so and one wants to drive them out of the house, invite a clergyman in. It is said they will not stay in such a house.

If they are underfoot outside, offer to pay them. Grogoch get highly offended if offered payment for their assistance and will leave if one persists in paying them. If you want to reward them, they love cream and will down a jug of it in one gulp.

As you might expect, the Grogoch live in remote areas under rocks, in caves, and hollows. They can sometimes be seen relaxing and smoking late at night.