Celtic Woman: Believe

Celtic Woman is an all-female Irish musical ensemble brought together by Sharon Browne and David Downes, who used to direct the Riverdance.

The "Believe" album depicted above is one of their latest releases. This album as well as most of the albums listed below can be obtained from our shop (contact us at info@wanderingangus.com or go to our website at www.wanderingangus.com).

The following chart identifies the albums composed by Celtic Woman along with their release dates though 2012.

Title Date of release Media format
Celtic Woman 1 March 2005 CD & DVD
Celtic Woman: A Christmas Celebration 3 October 2006 CD & DVD
Celtic Woman: A New Journey 30 January 2007 CD & DVD
Celtic Woman: A Celtic Family Christmas[35] 14 October 2008 CD
Celtic Woman: The Greatest Journey 28 October 2008 CD & DVD
Celtic Woman: Songs from the Heart 26 January 2010 CD & DVD
Celtic Woman: Lullaby 15 February 2011 CD
Celtic Woman: Believe (Compilation) 25 May 2011 CD & DVD
Celtic Woman: An Irish Journey[37] 3 October 2011 CD
Celtic Woman: A Celtic Christmas[38] 25 November 2011 CD
Celtic Woman: Believe[39] 24 January 2012 CD & DVD
Celtic Woman: Home for Christmas 9 October 2012 CD
Celtic Woman: Silent Night[40] 9 October 2012 CD 


The current members of Celtic Woman are (as of March 2013):



lisa lambe



Former Members of Celtic Woman include: