St. Brigid is greatly revered in Ireland. Such reverence is not surprising given the stories associated with her life. Many have to do with helping the poor. For instance, she was forced to work long hours in a dairy under a harsh master. Brigid responded by giving dairy products to the poor. The master tried to stop this but noticed he actually had more to sell than he had had before Brigid started giving things to the poor.

Giving alms to the poor was Brigid's way of giving to the Almighty. She did this throughout her life. 

The stories abound but you get the idea. Brigid had a clear notion of what her mission in life was very early in life. It was to serve God by assisting the poor, sick, and injured.
She eventually established a monastery getting land for it from the King. The King was not keen on giving her land so she asked him to just give her as much land as her cloak would cover. He readily agreed. When she laid down, her cloak it spread over an enormous area. There are many miracles performed by Brigid but this one persists. People to this day pray for the protection of Brigid's cloak.

There are at least two versions of the creation of St. Brigid's cross (depicted in the graphic accompanying this post). One version is that she wove it to pass the time while attending to her father on his deathbed. He wanted to know what it was. She explained it represented the cross on which Christ was crucified. Although a pagan, he was so moved he accepted Christianity before he passed away (in another version it is a local Chieftain rather than her father).

As you might expect, Brigid's cross is held in high regard. For example, it is thought that displaying the cross in one's home will protect the inhabitants. We carry some  St. Brigid's Cross products in our brick and mortar store, If you have any interest in these contact us at or at 360-385-9549. 

cross made by St, Bridgid